The water level in Lake Baikal has exceeded the critical mark

According to the Buryat Centre of hydrometeorology and monitoring of environment, the water level in Lake Baikal has exceeded the upper critical mark of 457.0 meters since September 14 this year. As of September 22, the water level in the lake was 457.09 m compared to the Pacific sea level datum.

The authorities of Buryatia announced the need to discharge water through the Irkutsk HPP due to the continuous rise in the water level in Lake Baikal, which has exceeded a critical mark, the press service of the Republic's government reports.

To reduce the water level in Lake Baikal, which has reached a critical level due to rains, the Irkutsk hydroelectric complex is obliged to switch to a limited mode of escapages, which can reach up to 4 thousand cubic meters a second, told “Izvestia” the regional directorate of the Ministry of Emergencies.

Technically, it could have done the job. However, the Federal Agency for Water Resources cannot increase the volume of water discharged above 2700 cubic meters a second — in this case, there will be a threat to cottages and villages on the shores of the Irkutsk reservoir.

The developing situation is under special control of the Commission for the Prevention and Elimination of Emergencies of the Irkutsk Region and the administration of the city of Irkutsk.

On September 25, the Government Commission of the Russian Federation will consider the issue of escapages at the Irkutsk HPP. This decision was made the day before during a meeting between Governor of the Irkutsk Region Igor Kobzev and Minister of Emergencies of Russia Yevgeny Zinichev.


Опубликовано: 25 September 2020